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  1. Hello, David. This is an interesting post. What is the story behind it?


    • davidjrogersftw

      Patricia. Thank you for your interest in this post, friend. I want in the post “You,” the readers to reflect on themselves, to remember that they are the center of all things, that nothing is true for them unless they agree with it, and that nothing is as important as that that the “You” they have been given to guard and express is smoothly, contentedly, and blissfully functioning. I hope it makes you think about your you.

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  2. Currently listening to your interview. Excellent. Thank you for sharing. Have downloaded your revised 2014 ‘Fighting to Win.’ Am thrilled that there were women Samurai too. And I love this latest blog post! YOU YOU. YOU? YOU! Indeed this life of mine is all about ‘ME’!


    • davidjrogersftw

      I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying my interview, blog post, and book. It is very kind of you to let me know–makes me feel good. Yes, I want women to know that there were women much like them who were samurai. A sweet woman friend read Fighting to Win and said to me “I wish I had a samurai working for me to help me with various things in my life. That would be great,” and I said to her, “Why not be a samurai yourself? Why do you think I wrote the book?”

      I think people like me writing these blogs often become infatuated with themselves and lose all modesty–their egos expand–and too easily forget that not they, but the readers are the important people.

      So I want in the post “You,” the readers to reflect on themselves, to remember that they are the center of all things, that nothing is true for them unless they agree with it, and that nothing is as important as that that the “You” they have been given to guard and express is smoothly, contentedly, and blissfully functioning–the “You” there in Indonesia, the “You” in Great Britain, the “You” in Oman. Grand people, I’m sure, all trying their best, as I am trying, and I gather you are too.
      Best wishes, friend, and thanks again,


  3. Matt

    David Rogers, I appreciate you posting this and I am very happy I discovered your blog. My Father was a huge fan of ‘Fighting To Win’ would you consider re-publishing it with more marketing efforts for its maxim’s are timeless.

    Purpose is key, a future positive goal is key.

    What has you returned to with your innner voice as motivation over the years?

    Thank you


    • davidjrogersftw

      Dear Matt,

      It makes me smile to think that in your family I have two generations of Fighting To Win fans. I’m happy that your father thought so highly of it.

      I agree that “Focus on your purpose” is a key adage in the book.
      What motivates me to continue daily reading, studying, thinking, and writing are ideas. Ideas fill me with energy and the desire to communicate them in the clearest way I can.

      Thank you for the comment. I hope to hear from you again.
      Best wishes,


  4. What a wonderful post. I have been thinking a lot of late about how fortunate I am to have found my path in life and to pursue it with gusto:) I am also grateful for being content with my lot. As long as my needs are met and I am able to paint, write and of course enjoy good friends and family I feel as if every day is blessed.
    Of course when the creative juices are in full flow, my sense of well being is enormous, a feeling that is somewhat difficult to describe…but I am quite sure you know exactly what I mean.
    I have your book close at hand and consider it to be a very vital tool. Thank you so much David. I am so pleased that we connected through the ether.

    I had a fabulous trip to the States and am now fully back in my London way of being and can feel the creative juices bubbling up. One of the many outstanding aspects to the trip was the laughter, from beginning to end. Medicine for the mind, body and soul ……

    I hope that you and the family are enjoying a lovely summer and of course the baseball season.

    Best wishes
    Janet 🙂

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    • davidjrogersftw

      Dear Janet,

      How fulfilled I find you this torrid summer morning. Your happiness comes out of your every word. I’m so happy that your trip here was fabulous and so full of laughter. I think, Janet, that when people such as you and I have achieved a sufficient number of years and feel fulfilled, we get giddy and continually feel like laughing. Diana and I right now may be the giddiest people east of the Mississippi.

      If your satisfaction at our having met on the internet is one twenty-fifth of mine at having met you,, I am thrilled. When you were away on your trip and I on mine I often thought about you and visualized you happy and content–and you were.

      Oh my goodness I so well know and feel what you mean by that sense of enormous wellbeing when you are creating a work. I have tried to describe to Diana that elation that overcomes me when I sit down at the keyboard, that sense that I may accomplish in the next moment what has been my passion since childhood–to write something beautiful beautifully.

      I am so tickled to think of you reading my words in Fighting To Win, my old dear friend that I once labored over. Probably like some key work you produced, that little book so many people seem to like changed the direction of my life and that of my whole family, and I’m so grateful to it for all the good things it brought us.

      I hope your work comes pouring blissfully out of you and your dear hummingbirds take wing.

      Best wishes,


      • Good afternoon from London….and thank you for your lovely response.
        The thought of you and Diana feeling giddy and filled with laughter….is a wonderful thought indeed. Enjoy every moment, which I know you will.

        Life is good and we are indeed blessed and for that I will always be grateful.

        I am feeling alive and filled with creative possibilities and just to add a blob of icing on the cake on the 7th July I will be back in Crickhowell, Wales painting that glorious scenery and enjoying my dear friends there – meanwhile, I am working on a large canvas here in London and watercolour painting each day.

        I am still smiling broadly from the trip to the States 🙂

        Best wishes to you and Diana,


        • davidjrogersftw

          Janet, I know you will have a great time with your friends in Wales. I wish you success with your large canvas painting and watercolors. I’m so happy for you that you’re in the Groove, the best place for creative people to be.


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  5. Christian

    This reminds me of Japanese short poems, but here it is even shorter! On the other hand, given the number of people who can identify with “You”, it becomes then very long…


    • davidjrogersftw

      Christian, thnk you for your observation. You might know from my book Fighting to Win that I am very interested in Japanese history and Japanese literature. This post has had an effect on people that in a way I didn’t expect and that pleases me.
      Best wishes.


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